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COASTAL AIR is the company that goes above and beyond customer expectation and satisfaction regarding your residential and commercial temperature control needs. We rank as one of the industry’s top leading company with vast knowledge and experience within this area. Therefore, if you need any of these services, look no further just contact us for any of the following:

• Residential Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
• Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems
• Refrigeration


Why choose Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning System 

Heating and cooling takes about 60% of all the energy we consumed in our homes and work places, therefore it’s important for you to ensure your comfort at the lowest cost possible. For this reason, we recommend routine enhancement of your current HVAC systems and regular service and maintenance.
We will teach you how to improve your indoor air quality using the finest configuration of cooling, heating and ventilation systems to ensure efficiency and save money all year round. We are capable of installation, maintenance and repair of the following system: -

Air Conditioning
Heating Systems
Package Units
Digital thermostat
Hot Water Heater
Make up Air
Ice maker
Walk-in Cooler and Freezer
Reach-in Cooler and Freezer


Central Heating System

Your HVAC system draws air out of various rooms in the house through return air ducts, the air is pulled through an air filter, which removes airborne particles such as dust and lint. Sophisticated filters may remove microscopic pollutants, as well. The filtered air is then routed to air supply ductwork that carries it back to rooms. Whenever the HVAC system is running, this cycle repeats continually, constantly filtering and cleaning the air in your home.

This cleaning process improves with the installation of a variable-speed furnace. Variable-speed furnaces use variable-speed blowers, which shift between several speeds. These furnaces will run longer at a low speed, which causes them to filter the indoor air more frequently. And remember - because the furnace plays an important role in the operation of the air conditioner, its variable-speed blower helps maintain both a consistent indoor temperature and improved air quality year-round.For more information on maintaining your existing system or installation of new system, please contact us.

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